Doing Business in the City and Borough of Sitka

The City and Borough of Sitka would like to welcome and encourage new business activity to our community as well as support our current businesses.  Our office staff are available to serve you Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. except on City recognized holidays. We are located on the second floor of the City Office Building in the Finance Department. A friendly face is here to answer any questions, direct you to the appropriate person, or find the answers for you. Stop in, e-mail, or call any time.


Hillary Nutting                 
Tax Clerk                             





Hannah Nelson

Tax Accountant





Collecting and Filing Sales Tax

Any person, firm, or business entity is required by law to register with the City Tax Office to collect and remit sales tax before making sales, rendering services, or providing rentals within the City and Borough of Sitka. The City and Borough of Sitka enacts a transient room tax, as well as, a driver’s facility charge and a fish box tax to be collected by purchaser.

Business Licenses & Permits

Taxi and tour owners/operators are required to obtain yearly permits.  Other organizations selling on City owned properties may be required to purchase certain permits as well. If you are an itinerant or non-permanent business operating in the City and Borough of Sitka, you are required to purchase a business license prior to conducting business.

Development & Incentives

The City and Borough of Sitka offers local and state resources for small business.

Tax Forms/Registrations

The City and Borough of Sitka requires businesses to a levy a sales tax, bed tax, and cigarette and tobacco excise tax.  Every registered business in the City and Borough of Sitka is required to file a tax return and remit the taxes that they have collected. All forms are available online.

Bids & RFP's

The City and Borough of Sitka's Public Works Department posts Requests for Proposals and Bids on construction projects, janitorial projects, and other projects within the City and Borough of Sitka. On other occasions, Administration or other departments may put out a request for proposal as well. Click here for current RFP's and/or Bid requests.

Job Opportunities

The City and Borough of Sitka hires temporary workers and contracted employees on occasion for short-term or temporary work. This link will redirect you to the Human Resources site where these opportunities will be posted.

Business Resources

This link has been organized to assist businesses however is not by any means all inclusive of resources that may be available to you.