Office Of The Mayor

Mim McConnell, Mayor

Sitka has had residents living on the shores of Sitka Sound and the Pacific Ocean for over 10,000 years. A community rich in Tlingit, Russian and American history, it is now a diverse and vibrant community still surrounded by abundant natural resources. It's no wonder the naturalist John Muir called Sitka the abode of the blessed.


Sitka has long been a desirable place to visit: its stunning natural beauty, extensive trail system, high quality of life, friendly residents, a thriving mix of cultures and long list of fun and enriching activities make Sitka a favorite destination for today’s traveler. Its economic diversity makes it a place of opportunity for those willing to work hard to achieve their goals.


Sitka has one of the lowest sales tax and property tax mill rates in the State. Its City government has been operating in the black for many years, while consistently providing a wide array of high quality services. The City schools have long focused on providing a quality education with low student-to-teacher ratios, targeted reading intervention support, opportunities to help students develop a well-rounded education that integrates academics, arts, music, activities, and athletics, and prepares students for a successful life after graduation, which includes learning in a technology-rich environment and world-class career and technical education. 

Its diverse population works well together to resolve thorny issues and to build our community’s significant strengths. Sitkans live on a rock at the edge of the ocean, and we have long since learned that respectful collaboration is in everyone’s best interest. In addition to engaging in discourse around issues that arise, Sitkans have gathered together to form a wide variety of non-profit agencies that each contributes to a larger picture of support for our citizens. As Mayor, I'm excited about working with my fellow Sitkans, as we move our wonderful community forward together. I am sure our best days are ahead of us.