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Annual Assessment Revaluation – January 1, 2016:

Taxable property located within the borough has been valued and assessment notices were mailed March 15th. The resulting increase in overall assessed values was 2.8% for both real and personal property.  This increase breaks down as a 2.5% increase in real property values, and a 9.3% increase in personal property values.  Market factors and assessment system limitations are the two main reasons for these increases.


Sitka experienced a 7.9% overall increase in single family residential median sales prices during 2015.  There were 185 total sales, an increase of about 4% over last year, so sales volume continues to be steady.  Sixty-three percent of those sales were disclosed to the Assessing Department, leaving 47% of relevant market data unavailable for valuation purposes.  A good percentage of Sitka’s sales are never marketed and 20% are cash transactions.  All of these factors combined leave holes in the data available to the Assessor for valuation analysis, and can have an effect on the accuracy of assessed values.  Despite these challenges the following facts were gleaned from the sales information we do have on file, and are provided for reference: 

Please click here to read the full Assessment Revaluation Report 2016



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The Assessing department is responsible for assessing the value of all properties within the City and Borough of Sitka boundaries; and administers all State and Borough exemptions as set forth in State Statutes and Borough Code. The department also maintains property records information, which includes ownership, address, assessed value, and legal property descriptions.


Assessing has two primary missions:

  1. Administer a property assessment that is fair, uniform, and equitable by employing the following seven procedures:
    1. Locate and identify all taxable property within the Sitka Borough
    2. Inventory the quantity, quality and important characteristics of all taxable property
    3. Accurately estimate the market value of each taxable property
    4. Calculate the taxable value(s) for each property
    5. Timely notify the owner(s) of the assessed value
    6. Respond to inquiries regarding methods and values; governing laws and regulations
    7. Prepare and certify the official assessment roll of the entire borough
  1. Provide up-to-date information about assessment and related property matters, a service grown in importance to the community over the years.


Office Hours

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday (excluding holidays)


Physical Location/Mailing Address

City & Borough of Sitka

Assessing Department

100 Lincoln St, Room 108

Sitka, AK 99835


Department e-mail address:


Wendy J. Lawrence, ACAA III - Assessing Director
(907) 747-1820

Ruth Joens - Administrative Assistant
(907) 747-1822

Josh Joseph - Appraiser I



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