Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1: Where do I go to sign up for electric service, or pay my electric bill?

A-1: The Utility Office, ground floor, City Hall, 100 Lincoln Street, (907) 747-1818.

Q-2: What are your electric service policies and rates?

A-2: See Title 15, Public Utilities, of the Sitka Code, Chapter 15.01, Sitka General Code.

Q-3: Oil vs electric heat?

A- 3: Convert to Dual Fuel

A- 3: Electric vs oil heat

Q-4: Are plug-in portable electric heaters efficient?

A-4: Plug in heaters

Q-5: Are tankless electric water heaters efficient?

A-5: Tankless electric water heaters

Q-6: How does the City measure how much electricity I'm using?

A-6: Your electrical usage is monitored by a meter attached to your house, business, etc. An Electric Dept. employee will come by once a month to read your meter.  In some cases, there are meters that can be read remotely from the City facility.

Q-7: How is electricity produced in Sitka?

A-7: 99% of Sitka's electricity is generated by renewable hydroelectric power. For an explanation of how hydroelectric power works, click on this link.  We have hydro plants that were constructed at Green Lake in 1982 and at Blue Lake in 1959.  We are in the process of expanding the capacity of Blue Lake which is expected to begin operation in 2015.

Q-8: Why is the City expanding the Blue Lake Hydroelectric project?

A-8: This question is best answered by reading the Background and Rationale Document which is available by clicking on this link.

Q-9: What happens when the level of the water in the lakes fluctuates?

A-9: The level of the water in each lake changes throughout the year depending upon the rainfall amount, customer use and outdoor temperature.  To see the average lake levels, click on this link.

Q-10: What if there's too much water in the lakes?

A-10: It's normal for October weather to refill the lakes or spill over the dams at times during the year, when seasonal rainfall exceeds customer use and available storage.

Q-11: If Sitka starts selling bulk water from Blue Lake, will there still be plenty of water for the City?

A-11: Absolutely. Future bulk water is only 1% of the volume of water coming through the Blue Lake hydro plant.

Q-12: Would the buyers of bulk water take it before or after it goes through the hydro plant?

A-12: Currently, water would have to be taken before it goes through the plant, but plans include reconfiguring it so that it would be taken afterwards.


City and Borough of Sitka, Electric Department

105 Jarvis Street, Sitka, Alaska  99835
(907)747-4000, Emergency number (24 hours a day): 907-747-6634 Fax: 907-747-3208
Business Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.