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Electric Department



           Mission Statement:

"The mission of the Sitka Electric Department is to provide adequate and reliable electric service for all consumers connected to the Sitka electric power distribution system."       

            - Christopher Brewton, Utility Director




Heat Pump Rebate Program Begins Monday, December 29, 2014!  Learn More


Power Supply Status

Unchanged since 11/3/14


Green - Proceed Using Electric Heat: There is a low risk that significant supplemental diesel generation will be required.



New and Existing Electric Service

To set up a new account for electric service or make changes to existing service, please contact the Utility Office at (907)747-1818 or visit the Utility web page for more information.


Takatz Lake Hydroelectric Project


The Takatz Lake Lake Hydroelectric Appraisal Report is complete.

Takatz Hydroelectric Appraisal Report - Final - Oct 2014

Takatz Hydroelectric Appraisal Report Appendices - Oct 2014


If there is any difficulty downloading the above report (it is a large file) here is the same report divided into smaller files:

Takatz Final Appraisal Report 0ct14-part1

Takatz Final Appraisal Report 0ct14-part2a

Takatz Final Appraisal Report-Figures 5-6 and 5-7-part2b

Takatz Final Appraisal Report-Figure 5-8-part2c

Takatz Final Appraisal Report-Figures 5-9 to 5-11-part2d

Takatz Appraisal ReportFinal 0ct14-part3a

Takatz Final Appraisal Report-Figure-8-11-part3b

Takatz Appraisal ReportFinal 0ct14-part4

Takatz Appraisal ReportFinal 0ct14-part5

Takatz Appraisal ReportFinal Oct2014-Appendices


Helpful Information About Your Electric Service

Electrical Rates

Current electrical rates went into effect in July 2014 (Ordinance 2013-39 approved by the Assembly in September 2013).


City and Borough of Sitka, Electric Department

105 Jarvis Street, Sitka, Alaska  99835
(907)747-4000, Emergency number (24 hours a day): (907)747-6634 Fax: (907)747-3208
Business Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To make utility payments, contact the Utilities Counter at 747-1818 or 747-1881.