Electric Department


           Mission Statement:

              "The mission of the Sitka Electric Enterprise Fund is to provide
               adequate and reliable electric service for all consumers
               connected to the Sitka electric power distribution system."       

                                  - Christopher Brewton, Utility Director          

Electrical Rates

To see the current electrical rates, click on the following link and scroll down through this ordinance: Ordinance 2013-28 or click on this link to see Section 15.01.020 Electrical rates from the Sitka General Code: SGC 15.01.020 Electrical Rates

Upcoming Rate Changes:
On July 1, 2014, there will be another increase in electrical rates. Click on the following link and scroll down through this ordinance to see those:
Ordinance 2013-39 .


Power Supply Status


Green - Proceed Using Electric Heat:

There is a low risk that significant supplemental diesel generation will be required.


Blue Lake Expansion Project Schedule


Wondering if the project is on schedule for completion next December? We created a graphic that will be posted every month to let you know what big items have been completed and if everything is on schedule. Check it out and if you have any ideas for the graphic email Jessica or Retha. You can also get project updates by visiting the Blue Lake Expansion Project web page.

Funding Available for Commercial Energy Audits

The Alaska Energy Authority has funding available for privately owned commercial buildings in Alaska. Application period is from November 1, 2013 to December 20, 2013. For those interested in the program, or to apply, visit the link: http://www.akenergyauthority.org/EfficiencyAudits.html

Water Levels at Sitka's Hydro Power Lakes

The water levels in Blue Lake and Green Lake fluctuate during the year depending upon rainfall amount, customer use and outdoor temperature. It's normal for October weather to refill the lakes or spill over the dams at times during the year, when seasonal rainfall exceeds customer use and available storage. Click here to see a chart illustrating this.

Jarvis Street Diesel Plant Work


The City and Borough of Sitka would like to inform the public of construction activities to be done over the next several weeks at the Jarvis Street  Public Services Center. The work involved will include rock blasting and removal. Some delays in vehicular and foot traffic in the area are to be expected.


The areas affected include the following: SMC vehicular traffic, US Post Office on SMC, SMC Bike Path, SMC Totem Park entrance, Raptor Way and the Alaska Raptor Center, and Jarvis Street businesses and residents.


Delays are expected to last approximately fifteen minutes. Affected areas will be clearly marked with flaggers or cones.


The City appreciates the public's patience with the delays and apologizes for any inconvenience.


Effective Date: Monday, August 5, 2013


Please contact the Electric Department with any questions at 747-4000.

Blue Lake Expansion Project Tours

Public tours of the Blue Lake Expansion Project are expected to resume in the spring of 2014, depending upon construction.  To sign up, go to www.mysignup.com/bluelaketour or call Retha Winger at 907-747-1882. For more project information, go to www.bluelakeexpansion.com.

Energy Star Rebate Program Results


Sitka's first ever local Energy State Rebate Program was a complete success. Overall, Sitka participants saved approximately 35,000 kWh of energy each year with their purchase of an Energy Star appliance. Other tangible benefits include approximately $400,000 in local and regional sales tax revenue, significant work for local contractors to install heat pumps, renewed interest in State energy efficiency programs, and interest from other Southeast communities about the program. Thank you, Sitka, for making this program a success!

To read the final report, click here.

Blue Lake Project Video Launch


The first video highlighting the Blue Lake Expansion Project focuses on the importance of the project to the community of Sitka. Sitka's remote location forces the community to maintain its energy independence by expanding its fish-friendy hydroelectric dam. This video is the key to not only showing Sitkans the importance of hydropower, but the nation too! This project shows that small towns can make a difference in our nation.

Sitka's hydro project story can be found at www.bluelakeexpansion.com

Jobs for the Blue Lake Expansion Project


Construction on the Blue Lake Expansion Project began in November.  This is a large civil construction project that may produce local job opportunities. The selected bidder for Contract 9, General Construction, is Barnard Construction Company, Inc. located in Bozeman, Montana. Barnard is accepting resumes for construction trades on their web site.  Click here to submit a resume directly to them.

There will also be job sourcing by contractors from the local Department of Labor office. Click here to submit a resume to the Alaska Department of Labor.

Cost of Service Rate Study Results


The City and Borough of Sitka Electric Department recently funded an Electrical Cost of Service Study which was completed by Utility Financial Solutions, LLC. A Cost of Service Study is typically the first step in a rate case to determine the actual utility costs to adequately serve each customer class. This information is then used in a rate design study to develop rates that recover proper revenue from each customer class based on the cost of service.  This is a very important step to ensure each ratepayer is paying their fair share of the costs for the electrical system and is the basis for fair and equitable rates for all customer classes.

Facts About Our City Hydro Projects


The Electric Dept. has received numerous calls recently from members of the public asking about the technical specifications for our existing hydro projects.  In an attempt to provide answers to those questions, we have posted some helpful information at this link.

New and Existing Electric Service

To set up a new account for electric service or make changes to existing service, please contact the Utility Office at (907)747-1818 or visit the Utility web page for more information.


Helpful Information About Your Electric Service



Electric Use by Customer Class


For the full graph and other interesting Customer Class Information, Click Here!  Visit the What's New tab and check out more information about FREE ways to conserve energy, useful energy comparisons and more! 

Should I Use Electric or Oil Heat?

We are frequently asked what the break-even point is between using electric heat and oil heat. To view a reference chart that should help you determine what's most economical, click on this link.


Power Supply Risk Level

The Electric Department has implemented a color coded Power Supply Risk Level to communicate to the public regarding our current status on Power Generation. The Risk Level will follow the same concept as Traffic Lights, (Proceed/ Caution/ Stop)

   Red - Stop Using Electric Heat: It is certain that significant supplemental 
   diesel generation will be required. Please switch to alternate heat source. (Oil, Wood, Etc.)

   Yellow - Caution Using Electric Heat: There is a high risk of significant 
   supplemental diesel generation will be required. As a precautionary measure please conserve

   on the use of electric energy.

   Green - Proceed Using Electric Heat: There is a low risk that significant
   supplemental diesel generation will be required.

City and Borough of Sitka, Electric Department

105 Jarvis Street, Sitka, Alaska  99835
(907)747-4000, Emergency number (24 hours a day): (907)747-6634 Fax: (907)747-3208
Business Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To make utility payments, contact the Utilities Counter at 747-1818 or 747-1881.

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