The City and Borough of Sitka has various departments which are responsible for managing and operating the various components of Sitka. Click on the links below for more information about each department.


City and Borough of Sitka administration offices include the Municipal Administrator's, Attorney's, Clerk's offices, and Human Resources offices, as well as the Public and Government Relations Director office.

Animal Control

The mission of the Sitka Animal Shelter and the Sitka Animal Control Division is to improve the quality of life in the City and Borough of Sitka by providing safety to the citizens and animals, preserving the health of the citizens, and care of the animals.


This department generates valuations for Sitka's over 4,100 real property accounts, and 560 business property accounts.

Building Department

The Building Department promotes and insures new development in Sitka is constructed according to minimum legal standards of safety and that existing public and commercial structures are maintained in a safe condition.

Electric Department


The mission of the Electric Department is to provide clean renewable power, safely and reliably, at the lowest long term cost.

Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Preparedness Department focuses on information and resources to help residents prepare for emergencies and disasters.


The Finance Department oversees all things financial for the city from payroll and billing to sales tax and accounting.

Fire Department

The Sitka Volunteer Fire Department consists of approximately ninety volunteers and ten paid positions.


The City and Borough of Sitka Harbor Department operates and maintains 5 boat harbors to include Crescent Harbor, Sealing Cove Harbor, ANB Harbor, Thomsen Harbor and Eliason Harbor.

Harrigan Centennial Hall

Harrigan Centennial Hall is a civic, convention, and visitor center located in Sitka, Alaska.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department provides leadership and expertise in attracting, developing, and sustaining a diverse workforce committed to quality public service.

Sitka Public Library

Sitka Public Library provides free high-tech and traditional resources to the residents and vistors of Sitka.

Municipal Clerk

The Office of the Municipal Clerk exists to ensure the integrity of municipal governance and to act as the direct link between residents and their local government.

Planning and Community Development

The Planning and Community Development Department oversees land management, land use permitting, community development, long range planning and public affairs.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Department is committed to preserving the quality of life in Sitka by maintaining and expanding recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.

Police Department

The mission of the Sitka Police Department is to maintain order, and to preserve and protect the life, peace and property of the citizens of the City & Borough of Sitka.

Public Works

Public Works Department provides, controls, and maintains reliable and cost-effective public works facilities and systems in a manner that emphasizes customer satisfaction, public service, and the long-term best interest of the community.