No Name Mountain/Granite Creek Master Plan




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Project Description


The study area consists of an approximately 830 acre parcel paralleling the road system on the north end of town, bounded on the south by the Granite Creek area and on the north by No Name Mountain. It is among the last large tracts of relatively undisturbed city land with road access at multiple points. 


The parcel consists of a mix of land types and topography, including uplands and wetlands, crossed by multiple surface water drainages.  It is anticipated this land base could support a variety of uses including but not limited to, commercial, industrial (possibly including rock quarrying), residential, and recreational. The plan will entail a comprehensive assessment of land types, and recommendations as to the most suitable uses for those land types, in such a way that the uses are harmoniously integrated, minimizing conflicts among uses, and maximizing opportunities for the best overall long-term value and utility of the land. 


The paramount need of the community to be met through a successful master plan is to support long-term economic development. Outcomes desired would include, but not be limited to, a combination of commercial uses and rock extraction, and residential development opportunities. The Master Plan shall consider possible transportation corridors, utilities, and project sequencing. It will also look at overburden disposal for anticipated development activity.


Brief History


The area has long been recognized as holding economic value for the community.  Multiple studies of various types have been done going back to at least 1982.  In particular, areas within the parcel have been identified as having potential as a source of quarry rock.  Besides the opportunity for commercial and industrial development, the Cross Trail Phase 6 passes through a portion of the area.  







 Staff Contacts

  Scott Brylinsky, Special Projects Manager



  Amy Ainslie, Planning Director