City Reports

This section lists news and reports from the City and Borough of Sitka.

Legislative Priorities:

CBS Legislative Priorities FY 2015

CBS Legislative Priorities FY 2016

CBS Legislative Priorities FY 2017

CBS Legislative Priorities FY 2018

CBS Legislative Priorities FY 2019

CBS Legislative Priorities FY 2020

CBS Legislative Priorities FY 2021

CBS Legislative Priorities FY 2022


ECG Management Consultants Report


Click here to read the ECG Management Consultants report to the City and Borough of Sitka Assembly regarding merging Sitka Community Hospital and SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium services.



Annual Report to the Community:

FY 2016 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report


Sitka Preliminary Landslide Mapping


The Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys (DGGS) recently released preliminary data from the Sitka landslide mapping component of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Sitka Multi-Hazard Assessment Study. Click here to view the preliminary work.



South Kramer Avenue Landslide Report


Please click on the link below to view the South Kramer Avenue Landside: Jacobs Circle to Emmons Street, Sitka Alaska report.


Shannon & Wilson, Inc. Geotechnical and Environment Consultants Report February 2, 2016 re: South Kramer Avenue Landslide: Jacobs Circle to Emmons Street, Sitka, Alaska



10 Facts on CBS Debt


Management of our City debt is a detailed and complicated process. Click on this link for more information: 2017 - 10 Facts on Debt



General Fund Efficiency Audit & Comprehensive Management Plan 

The Final Report from Municipal Solutions for the General Fund Efficiency Audit & Comprehensive Management Plan can be found on the link below.

General Fund Efficiency Audit & Comprehensive Management Plan



Final Coastal Plan Management Plan Amendment

The Sitka Coastal Management Plan Amendment is available here at the links below. Copies are also available on CD at the Municipal Clerk's Office, on the third floor of City Hall. In addition, a copy will be available for review at Kettleson Memorial Library.

Coastal Management Plan Amendment and Appendices



Kill-A-Watt Electric Usage Monitors Available at Kettleson Memorial Library

In its efforts to conserve electricity, the Electric Department has coordinated with the Library to provide “Kill-A-Watt” Electric Usage Monitors available for check-out at Kettleson Memorial Library. These gadgets can read the electricity consumption of all your household electric devices and appliances. Now you can identify the real energy consumers in your house, see if your electric devices are efficient, and get information necessary to reduce electricity costs. Link to program report



Takatz Lake Hydroelectric Project

A new web page has been published for participants and others interested in the application process of the City and Borough of Sitka’s Takatz Lake Hydroelectric Project. On the page, you can find licensing information, upcoming meeting dates, past meeting summaries, and documents out for review. Takatz Lake Hydroelectric Project page.



Sitka Hazard Mitigation Plan

This document identifies local hazards and mitigation efforts. Preparing a Local Hazards Mitigation Plan (LHMP) is the first step in the process of ensuring that each community’s critical facilities and services will continue to function after a natural disaster. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has funds available for projects to help do this, and LHMP approval is required before being eligible for funding.

2010 Sitka Hazard Mitigation Plan

2019 Draft Sitka Hazard Mitigation Plan



Sitka Comprehensive Plan

This document represents the City and Borough of Sitka’s Comprehensive Plan.
The Plan consists of community goals and policies, a recommended land use map, and background technical information prepared in accordance with Denali Commission guidelines.  Sitka Comprehensive Plan 2030

Technical Plan



Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on Hydropower in Southeast Alaska:  Planning for a Robust Energy Future

This study examines observed historical climate variability in Southeast, Alaska, where several new and expanded hydropower facilities are proposed. Analysis suggests that climate trends in this region since the 1920s are modest, while trends since the mid-1940s are somewhat stronger.  To read the full study please go to:



Climate Action Plan

City and Borough of Sitka Climate Action Plan June 11, 2010.



Sitka Named One of National Trust for Historic Preservation's 2010 Dozen Distinctive Destinations

For more information, click on this link.