Jobs Listing
Job Title Employment Type Department Posting Date Closing Date
Wastewater Operator Full Time; Benefitted Public Works 07/15/2024
Electric Generation System Manager Full Time; Benefitted Electric 07/02/2024
Electric Utility Director Full Time; Benefitted Electric 06/29/2024
Journey Line Worker Full Time; Benefitted Electric 06/28/2024
Planning Manager Full-Time; Benefitted Planning & Community Development 06/28/2024
Asset Manager Full-time; Benefitted Public Works 06/28/2024
Municipal Attorney Full-Time; Benefitted Legal 06/28/2024
Plans Examiner Full-Time; Benefitted Public Works 06/28/2024
Equipment Operator - Landfill/Scrapyard Full-Time, Benefitted Public Works 06/25/2024
Aquatics Supervisor Full-Time; Benefitted Parks & Recreation 06/25/2024
Head Lifeguard Part-Time; Non-Benefitted Parks & Recreation 06/25/2024
Accountant Full-Time: Benefitted Finance 06/25/2024
Water Operator Full-Time; Benefitted Public Works 06/17/2024
Temporary Visitor Information Desk Attendants Temporary Harrigan Centennial Hall 06/07/2024
Human Resources Director Full-Time; Benefitted Administration 05/03/2024
Temporary Harbor Maintenance Specialist Temporary Harbors 04/12/2024
Temporary Grounds Workers Temporary Public Works 03/27/2024
HCH Building Attendant Full-Time; Benefitted Harrigan Centennial Hall 02/26/2024
Recreation Student Leader / Temporary Part-Time Temporary Part-Time Parks & Recreation 02/22/2024
Electric T&D System Manager Full Time; Benefitted Electric 01/24/2024
Police Officer Full Time; Benefitted Police Department 01/24/2024
Accounting Manager Full-Time; Benefitted Finance 01/18/2024
Temporary Parks and Recreation Program/Event Team Temporary Parks & Recreation 07/13/2023
Jail Officer Full Time; Benefitted Police Department 07/06/2023
Multi-Service Officer (MSO) Full-Time; Benefitted Police Department 07/06/2023
Dispatch and Records Clerk Full Time; Benefitted Police Department 07/06/2023