Frequently Asked Questions
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Please contact us at (907) 747-3294 if there are any other questions that we can answer for you.

When Are Your Public Hearings?

Regular Assembly meetings are scheduled for the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the Maksoutoff Room at Harrigan Centennial Hall. Meeting agendas are published in the Daily Sitka Sentinal the Friday before the meeting and posted on the bulletin board on the first floor at City Hall. They are also available on this website no later than the Friday afternoon before the meeting. Additional public meetings are held as needed and advertised in the Daily Sitka Sentinel.

How Do I Contact An Assembly Member?

You can call or email individual Assembly members by using the contact list at this link. To send an email to all of the Assembly members, you can use the email address:

How Do I Apply For A Job With The City?

To apply for a job with the City, complete an application and submit it at either the Utilities Counter on the first floor at City Hall or the Human Resources Department on the third floor of City Hall, 100 Lincoln St. Blank applications are available at the Utilities counter, on this website to be down loaded and in the Human Resources Department. Job vacancies are posted on this website, in the Daily Sitka Sentinel, with the local state job service office and on other websites as needed.

How Do I Dispose Of Trash?

Contact the City Utilities Customer Service Reps at 747-1818 to set up your service for electric, water and garbage. Utilities customers are also allowed to take 200 pounds of trash per month to the City transfer station on Jarvis St.

How Do I Discard Hazardous Household Materials?

Once a year, the City Public Works Department holds an event for the collection of hazardous household materials. Look for announcements in the newspaper and on this website.

How Do I Register To Vote?

You can register to vote by completing a form that is available in the Municipal Clerk's office on the third floor of City Hall.

Where Do I Register My Car Or Get A New Driver's License?

Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles at 747-3253 or at 901 Halibut Point Road.

Who Should I Contact For A Building Permit?

Building permit questions can be answered by the City Building Official and Building Inspector in the Public Works Department on the second floor at City Hall. You can also reach them by calling 747-1832 or 747-1837.

If I Have A Question About Taxes, Who Can I Contact?

For questions about City taxes, contact the Tax Clerk or the Tax Accountant in the Finance Department on the second floor at City Hall. You can also reach them by phone at 747-1840 or 747-1853.