Project Manager

Job Title: Project Manager

Salary range: $86,174 - $99,944

Department: Public Works

Hours: Full Time

Job Description:

The incumbent is responsible for performing design management and overall coordination of complex engineering/architectural projects, including providing technical guidance and/or supervision to contract, consulting, and/or CBS staff to monitor project progress and conformance with established plans and specifications; develops plans, specifications, cost estimates and contracts for major projects; prepares written technical and verbal reports to external agencies; acts as principal liaison with contractors and consultants on major studies or projects; performs related work as required. 

The principal function of an employee in this class is to perform management and administration functions for major capital improvements involving selecting and applying accepted and standard architectural and engineering practices associated with the location, planning, design, and construction of subdivisions, buildings, structures, foundations, streets, airports, hospitals, harbors, schools, parks, water, wastewater, utilities and recreational facilities.  Incumbents work under the general direction of the Municipal Engineer and are assigned a variety of projects.  Methods of performing tasks are the responsibility of incumbent so long as they are within established policies and procedures.  The incumbent is able to perform a variety of engineering and architectural services in a multitasking environment without specific instruction.  Additionally, incumbents are able to schedule and complete numerous, simultaneous assignments and only require limited direction from a supervisor to fulfill their job duties.  Incumbents use professional judgment to make routine assumptions and decisions without supervisor input and approval on a frequent basis.  Incumbents also make complex assumptions, recommendations, and decisions without supervisor input and approval on a frequent basis.  Incumbents also make complex assumptions, recommendations, and decisions with limited direction from a supervisor.  Incumbents frequently work with external organizations, such as other departments, agencies, public boards, and members of the public and only require supervisor support in the most complex situations.  
The incumbent exercises direct control and personal supervision over one or more of the following tasks

•    The consultation, investigation, evaluation, planning and design of capital improvement projects.
•    Professional observation of the construction of capital improvement projects.
•    Review of drawings, plans, and specifications to determine compliance with regulatory codes.

•    Applies contract management, architectural and engineering principles and practices to any or all phases of the location, design and construction of a wide variety of types of major capital improvement projects.
•    Serves as contract administrator and/or construction coordinator on major construction projects; prepares gant charts for project scheduling.
•    Prepares reports, plans, specifications, and cost estimates for various types of design and construction projects.
•    Performs drafting, design and mathematical calculations for design geometrics, weight loads, stresses and alignments.  Computes quantities and cost of materials in the preparation of preliminary project cost estimates.
•    For smaller capital projects, performs field investigations and depicts terrain and its effect on structural support; assists in designing foundations, structural frameworks necessary to support the architectural design; performs engineering computations to determine weight loads and stress; prepares job and materials specifications and detailed working drawings.
•    Negotiates contracts for professional and construction services; purchases and expedites materials and equipment; coordinates with a variety of other government and/or private agencies.
•    Supervises assigned support staff, if any.
•    Conducts designs, design reviews and approval, cost estimates, scheduling and construction supervision;
•    Coordinates public projects by outside consultants and/or private contractors and suppliers, including holding project oversight for adherence to contract specifications;
•    Prepares Requests-for-Proposals for consulting services and related project specifications and bid documents, and participates in the selection process and monitors and evaluates consultant’s project performance;
•    Prepares plans and specifications and assembles other data related to capital construction and maintenance projects;
•    Prepares and monitors grants, local assistance programs and budgets to assure all terms, conditions and budget limits are followed;and innovations in civil engineering;
•    Provides needed information and demonstrations concerning how to perform certain work tasks to new employees in the same or similar class of positions;
•    Performs initial field work analysis of capital improvement projects, including preparing cost estimates, project design, plans and specifications;
•    Prepares bid packets, performs construction inspections testing and oversight of adherence to specifications upon project completion;
•    Prepares pay estimates, punch lists and final close-out documentation for capital improvement projects;
•    Provides needed information and demonstrations concerning how to perform certain work tasks to new employees in the same or similar class of positions;
•    Keeps immediate supervisor and designated others fully and accurately informed concerning work progress, including present and potential work problems and suggestions for new or improved ways of addressing such problems;
•    Attends meetings, conferences, workshops and training sessions and reviews publications and audio-visual materials to become and remain current on the principles, practices and new developments in assigned work areas;
•    The nature of the work performed requires that an employee in this class establish and maintain effective working relationships with other       Department and City employees, outside contractors and the public.
•    Responds to citizens’ questions and comments in a courteous and timely manner;

•    Communicates and coordinates regularly with appropriate others to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency  

   Performs other related duties as assigned.

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