Modular Home Standards

Modular homes can be an attractive alternative to building from the "ground up."

To be accepted, modular homes must be manufactured to Sitka's building codes and design criteria. The following list includes a few of the common code provisions which we have found historically to be useful in evaluating a modular home package. We also recommend you review common code provisions applicable to residential structures. Before ordering, we suggest you consult the Building Department and discuss your plans.

  • Applicable codes are: 2003 International Residential Code.
  • Smoke detectors in sleeping rooms, hallways, and each level of house regardless of sleeping room location
  • Egress windows from sleeping rooms of 20"w min and 24"h min and 5.7 sq. ft.min.
  • GFI protection on bathroom, kitchen counter, and outdoor outlets
  • One-hour separation from furnaces and boilers
  • Attic ventilation * 6 mil-vapor barrier throughout
  • Glass within 24" of doors and near stairs must be safety glazing