General Information
Stan Eliason
Phone Numbers
Fax: 907-747-6278
Emergencies: Dial 911
617 Katlian St. OFC

Harbor Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

Harbor Rates

  • ATTENTION: New Harbor Rates take effect every year on July 1st

    Permanent Moorage

    $4.64 per foot per month of vessel length or stall length (whichever is greater) i.e. 43’ vessel assigned 45’ stall, will be billed at the stall length or a 45’ vessel in a 40’ stall will be billed at the vessel length.

    Vessels 20 feet in length and under $3.23 per foot per month, if owners pay in advance for one year

    Transient Moorage

    Daily transient moorage, 

    • $1.44 per foot per day (0’-80’)
    • $2.46 per foot per day (81’-150’)
    • $3.68 per foot per day (150’+)

    25% discount on daily rate for Fishing Vessels and Tenders with a Fish Ticket from a Sitka plant only. Contact the Harbor Dept. for details. 

  • Float plane rates: 

    • Permanent stall rate: $305.04 per quarter
    • Transient rate: $27.67 per day (no charge if moored under one hour

    Liveaboard Vessels: Liveaboard Vessels that have permanent moorage or are hot berthed will pay the minimum residential user’s fees for garbage, water, and sewer on a monthly basis if power is put in the owner's name.

  • Monthly Transient Permits: Monthly permits (30 days)
    • $24.66 per foot of overall length up to 150’
  •           $36.98 per foot of overall length for 151’ and up                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Reserved moorage: Eliason Harbor end ties $4.25 a foot per day per vessel length or stall length whichever is greater.

  • Vessel Wait List

  • Vessels on the wait list shall be charged $4.64 per foot of the overall vessel length, per month, payable in advance, quarterly. The fee paid to get on the wait list is equal to a quarter's moorage and is non-refundable and does not get applied to moorage.
    Transient Electricity
    Transient Electricity. The fee for using an electrical meter other than a meter in the vessel owner’s name will be $7.00 per day for thirty amp service. For fifty amp single phase service, $15.00 per day up to 4 days. 5 days and beyond, the fee will be as follows; $10.00 in and a $10.00 out meter reading fee, plus actual consumption.
    100 amp 3 phase: $10.00 in and $10.00 out meter reading fee, plus consumption.
    Be sure to include 5% sales tax.
    Other Fees:
    • $0.92 per 1,000 gal. - 0 to 33,300 ($25.00 minimum)
    • $0.85 per 1,000 gal. - 33,301 to 90,000
    • $0.73 per 1,000 gal. - 90,001 to 270,000
    • $0.61 per 1,000 gal. - 270,001 to 410,000
    • $0.37 per 1,000 gal. - 410,001 to 800,000
    • Harbor Staff labor- $56.00 per hour ½ hour minimum.
  • GARBAGE - Commercial Dumpster - $303.55 ( upon request)
    IMPOUND FEE - $51.25
    PUMPING - $51.25
    TOWING - $102.50 plus employee labor
    LAUNCH RAMP FEES - $5.00 in, $5.00 out, or a yearly permit is $75.00 (calendar year)
    Emergency dewatering - $51.25 (gas operated pump or sump pump plus labor)
    Dewatering pump rental (110 vlt sump) $100.00 deposit, $6.00 per day, not to exceed 3 days.
    Other charges:
    Absorbent materials- Oil pads 1 bale $66.50 or $.70 each.
    Sausage boom-5”x10’ bale $118.00
  • Work Float & Eliason Harbor Load Zone fees: The charges for this work float and load zone are as follows: From March 15-September 15; the first 24 hours will be free of charge for vessels on the waiting list or with a permanent stall. After 24 hours, the charges are as follows; Vessels 50 feet in length or shorter $0.80 per food, per day. Vessels 51 feet in length and above $1.00 per foot, per day. In addition to these fees, transient vessels with also be charged the transient daily rates.  From September 16 - March 14, there are no additional fees. 
  • Tidal Grid: Grid fees are as follows; Vessels 50 feet in length or shorter $0.80 per food, per day. Vessels 51 feet in length and above $1.00 per foot, per day. These charges in addition to the permanent tenant quarterly moorage rates, or daily transient fees. 
  •  Note: Quoted rates DO NOT include Sitka sales tax.