Election Information

City and Borough of Sitka - October 4, 2022
 Regular Municipal Election

The Clerk's office is responsible for supervising and running the local municipal election and assisting the State in statewide elections. The Clerk's office endeavors to conduct the elections with the highest integrity possible.


2022 Municipal Candidate Information

Mayor (one to be elected)

Steven Eisenbeisz-(Not provided)

Kevin Mosher

Valorie Nelson

Assembly (two to be elected)

Kris Chinalski

Thor Christianson

Ryan Herbert

Richard Wein

Chris Ystad

School Board (three to be elected)

Tristan Guevin

Mitch Mork

Melonie Boord (Official write-in candidate)

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Voter Registration

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Absentee Voting Information

Polling Locations

  • Sitka No. 1 (02-765) Harrigan Centennial Hall - 330 Harbor Drive
  • Sitka No. 2 (02-770) Harrigan Centennial Hall - 330 Harbor Drive

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