Election Information

City and Borough of Sitka - October 3, 2023
 Regular Municipal Election

The Clerk's office is responsible for supervising and running the local municipal election and assisting the State in statewide elections. The Clerk's office endeavors to conduct the elections with the highest integrity possible.

Voter Registration

  • Where to register to vote
  • Qualifications to vote and register in Alaska
  • Identification Requirements
  • Voter Registration Deadline

Absentee Voting Information

  • Absentee Ballot Request Application by Mail or FAX
  • Absentee Voting in Person
  • Absentee Voting by Mail
  • Absentee Voting by Fax
  • Special Needs Voting for Disabled Voters

Polling Locations

  • Sitka No. 1 (02-765) Harrigan Centennial Hall - 330 Harbor Drive
  • Sitka No. 2 (02-770) Harrigan Centennial Hall - 330 Harbor Drive

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