Press Releases and Public Service Announcements

Tsunami Advisory Canceled

The Tsunami advisory has been canceled for the Sitka area. The advisory was issued because of the potential of sea level changes and strong currents from a large under water eruption near the Tonga Islands.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission will hold a regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at Harrigan Centennial Hall.
More information on these agenda items can be found at or by contacting the Planning Office at 100 Lincoln Street. 
Individuals having concerns or comments on any item are encouraged to provide written comments to the Planning Office or make comments at the Planning Commission meeting. Written comments may be dropped off at the Planning Office in City Hall, emailed to, or faxed to (907) 747-6138. Those with questions may call (907) 747-1814.

Health Needs and Humans Services Commission

The Health Needs and Human Services Commission will meet on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. via Zoom. Agenda items include: Health Needs and Human Services Goals for 2022, People of the Global Majority in Sitka 2021 Health Report, and Nominations for Chair/Co-chair. The meeting is open to the public.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and state health mandates encouraging residents to practice social distancing, and limit group gatherings, individuals that would like to participate by attending in person or videoconference can contact or call 747-1826 by 10:00 a.m. the day of the meeting to obtain information to join the meeting. 

Transportation Advisory for icy Sidewalks, Roads, and Parking Lots

The City and Borough of Sitka encourages citizens to take precautions from the snow and ice. Response time is reduced due to a mechanical issue on one of the sand trucks.  Pedestrians and vehicles should use caution on roads, sidewalks, and parking lots. Safe transportation preparedness includes snow tires and or/tire chains, ice and snow traction cleats (grippers), high visibility clothing and safe biking. Reduced speeds are recommended. 

Thank you for your patience.

News Release: Sitka Winter Weather Preparedness

Sitka, AK – The City and Borough of Sitka (CBS) wants to encourage residents if not prepared for this winter’s weather to make preparations now. Winter weather may be accompanied by dangerously cold weather, strong winds, coastal flooding, and heavy snow. Residents must be prepared for prolonged power outages, and difficult travel. CBS encourages all residents to stay informed of changing weather conditions, build home emergency kits, have family and business emergency plans, and take some simple steps to mitigate the impacts of severe weather.

Stay Informed – Monitor changing winter weather conditions and receive emergency alerts.

    Monitor the National Weather Center Juneau Forecast office at

    Have a battery-operated radio to monitor news and weather in case of a power outage.

Build an Emergency Kit – Have an emergency kit in your home and car in case you lose power and/or are isolated during severe winter weather.

    For Your Home – Have enough food, water, batteries, medicine and other supplies in an emergency kit to last for at least 72 hours.

Make an Emergency Plan – Make a plan with your family and household members for what to do and how to communicate in an emergency.

    Identify friends or family that you might stay with if you lose power during cold weather.

    If you receive medical treatments or home health care services, work with your medical provider to determine how to maintain care and service if you are unable to leave your home for a period of time during a winter storm.

    If you have transportation needs, work with local transportation providers to plan ahead for accessible transportation.

    Provide every family member with the name, address, and phone number of the family’s emergency contact.

Prepare your home – Prepare your home for severe weather by taking steps to ensure safety.

    Remove dead or rotting trees and branches.

    Make sure flashlights and candles are accessible in case of a power outage. 

    Learn how to shut off water valves (in case a pipe bursts). 

    Check that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working.

    Keep fire extinguishers on hand, and make sure everyone in your house knows how to use them.

    Insulate your home and take other actions to prepare your home for winter weather. 

    Keep ice melt on hand and shovel snow to prevent ice buildup. 

Additionally, winter storms can cause extended power outages which can be dangerous during extreme cold weather. Have alternate phone charging methods, learn how to use your emergency generator safely, plan for your unique medical needs and take other steps to prepare for power outages.

The City and Borough of Sitka encourages citizens to take precautions. 

For more information, visit the Emergency Preparedness portion of the city’s website


Keep Fire Hydrants Clear of Snow

The City and Borough of Sitka Fire Department reminds citizens to keep fire hydrants clear of snow so that firefighters have access to the hydrant. Please do not bury them with snowplows. If you live near a fire hydrant, please help keep the fire hydrant clear for access for you and your neighbor’s best interest and to help keep your home safe. 

Katlian Street Open to Vehicular Traffic with Stop in the 400 Block

The City and Borough of Sitka Fire Department, Police Department, and Public Works have opened Katlian Street to through vehicle traffic in the 400 block with a one-lane, two-way traffic system controlled by a stop sign. Drivers proceed when it is their turn and there is no oncoming traffic. Pedestrian traffic remains closed. Please use caution and follow all signage.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this timeframe. Please contact the CBS Public Works Department with any questions. 907-747-1804.

Second update on public access for the Construction on Critical Secondary Water
Construction on the Critical Secondary Water plant intake continues. Construction activities include rock excavation, blasting, and heavy machinery and trucking access. In order to safely construct the new intake structure, public access to Sawmill Creek in the Gary Paxton Industrial Park area upstream of the ADOT bridge will be closed through December 31. Please avoid the area and obey all project signage.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this timeframe. Please contact the City and Borough of Sitka Public Works Department with any questions. 907-747-1804.

Seasonal Sales Tax Rate Change and Bed Tax
The City and Borough of Sitka Tax Office would like to remind all citizens of changes to the seasonal sales tax effective October 1. The seasonal sales tax returns to the winter rate of 5%, though March 31, 2022. Bed Tax rentals less than 30 days remains at 6% year-round. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Tax Office at 747-1810 or

City and Borough of Sitka Assembly Ordinance requiring Use of a Face Covering in Certain Indoor Settings and Providing a Penalty
On September 28, 2021 the City and Borough of Sitka Assembly passed ordinance 2021-32 requiring the use of a face covering in certain indoor settings and providing a penalty until March 22, 2022, when the risk level as defined by the Sitka Emergency Operations Center is in high risk level.

The following is required: All individuals must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when they are indoors in public settings or communal spaces outside the home.

The ordinance expires when the risk level as defined by the Sitka Emergency Operations Center drops below high. If the risk level return to high, before this ordinance permanently expires, this ordinance will reactivate. This ordinance shall permanently expire on March 22, 2022.

Click here to read details on conditions, settings, employment requirements, exceptions, and enforcement policy.