Employment Relations Board

The Employment Relations Board has three members.

One person is selected by the City and Borough Assembly.
One person is chosen by City and Borough Employees in an election to be conducted by the City Clerk.
The third person is selected by two other members who have been elected/ appointed and shall preside over the Board.

The members serve three-year terms.

The board was established by Ordinance 05-30, Chapter 2.08.125 of the Sitka General Code.

Meeting dates are to be determined.

Roster of Members

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Meeting MinutesMeeting Packets
February 27, 2019
May 4, 2022

Useful Links and Resources

Committee Guidelines FAQs (PDF)
Parliamentary Procedure (PDF)
Parliamentary Procedure Motions Chart (PDF)
Conflict of Interest (PDF)
Ex-Parte Contacts (PDF)
Attorney-Client Privilege (PDF)
Executive Sessions (PDF)
Telephonic Participation (PDF)