Commercial Plan Review Outline

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Has Plan Review team been notified of this project?

(i.e. Electric Dept., Water-Wastewater Dept., Planning Dept., Engineering Dept.?)

Are there parking or drainage issues?

Does project require ADEC, ADOT, ACofE, or other agency approvals?

Does it require review under the Sitka Coastal Zone plan?

Is this property in a flood zone and therefore requires a minimum floor elevation and elevation certificate?

Does sprinkler main run under building?

  1. Design criteria shown on plan sheet?
  2. Proper code references?
  3. All pages (architectural, civil, mechanical, and electrical) signed and stamped by Alaska licensed engineer?
  4. Occupancy designation of building
    1. Occupancy designation of spaces in building
    2. What is occupant of load of building?
      1. Floors
      2. Room
  5. Type of Construction
    1. Special requirements
    2. Parapet(s) required?
  6. Location on Property
  7. Allowable Area
  8. Height and Stories
  9. Sprinkler required?
    1. Is electronic monitoring required?
  10. Fire alarm required?
  11. Occupancy separations required
    1. Are fire dampers or FSD's shown in the appropriate penetrations?
  12. Exiting fire barriers/exit enclosures required?
  13. Penetrations through fire barriers and fire walls....Are appropriate submittals provided?
  14. Any protected shafts?
  15. Review for hazardous glazing locations.
  16. Two exits required? If yes, is required separation distance attained? For rooms and for building?
  17. Exit signs required? Where? 
  18. Emergency egress lighting required?
  19. Landings: proper size and location?
  20. Are there adequate plumbing fixtures?
  21. Are electrical conductor sizes appropriate?
  22. Is/are panel location(s) OK? Working clearance provided?
    1. external disconnect?
  23. Backflow prevention required?
    1. Any oversized threaded fittings/hose bibbs?
  24. Combustion air OK?
  25. Ventilation air OK?
  26. Tanks on property? Propane? Oil? Location(s) OK in relation to ---property lines and ---building openings?