Portable Fire Extinguisher Requirements

The following information is to provide assistance in determining what size and quantity portable fire extinguishers are required in non-residential occupancies.

For a "moderate" hazard occupancy, which includes the typical non-residential buildings in Sitka, the minimum extinguisher size, regardless of square feet of area of the space, is 2A:10BC, (met by a 5lb ABC extinguisher).

Each extinguisher of that size can protect up to 3000 square feet. Each additional 3000 square feet or fraction thereof, or separate floor, requires an additional extinguisher of 2A:10BC rating.

All locations in the building must be within 75 feet walking distance of the nearest portable fire extinguisher.

If you have any questions, if your place of business includes welding or cutting operations, or if you store greater than household quantities of combustible or flammable liquids, please contact the Sitka Building Department and speak with Uniform Fire Code Inspectors.

Reference: NFPA 10