Residential Occupancy Standards

Occasionally owner/builders find it necessary to move in to the home they are building before the dwelling is fully completed and all codes are met. In these circumstances, the Building Department may allow conditional occupancy if the following life safety and health and sanitation requirements are met for the portion of the home to be occupied, and if a firm deadline has been agreed to for final completion of the structure.

  • Heating system and cooking facilities operational
  • Egress windows on all sleeping rooms
  • Required exits functional and safe, including landings, stairs, and railings
  • Required smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed and operational
  • Toilet installed and fully functional
  • Tight fitting door on bathroom
  • House #'s installed
  • Circuit breakers identified and labeled
  • All required railings and guardrails installed
  • Kitchen and bathrooms with non-absorbent, cleanable surfaces
  • No loose electrical or uncovered electrical; outlet covers in place
  • City approved water and sanitary sewer is provided to the residence
  • Portable fire extinguisher on each floor (optional, strongly recommended)