General Information
Stan Eliason
Phone Numbers
Fax: 907-747-6278
Emergencies: Dial 911
617 Katlian St. OFC

Harbor Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

Large Vessel Reservations

Please Contact the Harbor Office for Reservations

Conditions for request for seasonal reserved moorage at Eliason Harbor.

  1. Reserved moorage will be permitted on float 10 stall 9, float 9 stall 11, float 8 stall 11, float 7 stall 15 and float 1 stall 7.
  2. The reserved moorage availability will be from May 1st through September 1st.
  3. The first (1st) day’s moorage fee will be required as a condition for acceptance of reserved moorage. Non-refundable payment may be made by credit card (visa or master card) and confirms the reservation.
  4. Vessel Owners/Masters requesting reserved moorage shall be provided the first (1st) days reservation as an arrival day of grace and the moorage space will be held until the following day. The vessel will be charged moorage for the day of grace. Should the vessel FAIL to ARRIVE BY 1300 HOURS ON THE SECOND DAY of scheduled reserved moorage, the moorage RESERVATION WILL BE FORFEIT.
  5. The request for reserved moorage will include specific dates for arrival and departure. Approximate dates will not be accepted! NOTE: If moorage is available outside the specified request dates, modifications to the original dates requested may be made upon the approval of the Harbormaster.
  6. Departures from the assigned moorage during the reservation period may be made for up to SEVENTY-TWO HOURS (72) without forfeiting the balance of reserved moorage. Such departure MUST BE COMMUNICATED TO THE HARBORMASTER OR RESERVED MOORAGE SHALL BE FORFEITThere will be no refund or credit for reserved days not utilized. Upon delayed return, the vessel may be assigned a new location if space is available, including transient.
  7. Reserved moorage shall not be transferable to another vessel for any reason.
  8. The balance of payment for reserved moorage must be made within 24 hours of arrival.
  9. The MINIMUM payment for reserved moorage SHALL BE $3.66 per foot plus tax for LENGTH OF STALL or LENGTH OF VESSEL (fees are calculated on OVERALL length of vessel, not documented length), WHICHEVER IS GREATER. Eliason Harbor float 9, stall 11 is 124 feet long with a 100 amp 3 phase and a 30/50 amp power meters available. Eliason Harbor float 10, stall 9 is 150 feet with a 100 amp 3 phase and a 30/50 amp power meters available. Eliason Harbor float 7 stall 15, float 8 stall 11 and float 3 stall 15 are 100 feet with two 30/50 amp meters available. Float 1 stall 7 has 100 amp 3 phase or 2x50amp and is 100' in length.
  10. The O'Connell Bridge facility is located right downtown in the heart of Sitka. This facility has 2 private gangways and is 180' in length. Potable water is available upon request. Several owners and Captains have deemed this location the best in Alaska. Reserved moorage rates are $7.00 per foot per day of overall length of vessel or float.
  11. Metered utilities will be charged in and out read fees plus vessel consumption. Harbor personnel shall be notified of the vessel departure and location needing a meter read. Power use may be billed if necessary. 30 amp users shall make payment prior to departure at $7.00 per day + tax.
  12. Moorage for tenders/skiffs IN THE WATER shall be calculated on the transient fee schedule for vessels moored in the non-reserved moorage areas and shall be PAID IN ADVANCE.
  13. A vessel on notice to move from reserved moorage may be assigned a new location if space is available, including transient.