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Police FAQ

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Does Sitka have a curfew?

Yes. According to Sitka General Code 10.72.020, it is unlawful for any person seventeen or less of age (under eighteen) to be or remain in or upon a public place within the city and borough of Sitka during the period ending at five a.m. and beginning:

A.    At eleven fifty-nine p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights; and

B.    Eleven p.m. on all other nights.

Where can I get fingerprinted?

Fingerprinting services are available at Center for Community, 907-747-6960, or Guns of Alaska, 907-623-0809.

When can I visit someone in jail?

You must be at least 18 years old to visit an inmate. Visiting hours are from 10-11:30am, 3-5pm, and 7:30-10pm for male inmates and an appointment must be made to visit female inmates. Please call 747-3245 if you have any questions.

Can I call and talk to someone in jail?

No. The jail facility is not able to receive calls for inmates. Inmates can make outbound calls or you may visit in person with them.

Where can I get a background check/criminal history done?

The Alaska State Troopers offer this service at the Public Safety Academy, 907-747-6611.

How can I get a copy of a police report?

Our Dispatch and Records office can only provide copies of traffic accident reports. Please call 747-3245 to obtain a copy of a this type of report.

For all other reports, please contact the Municipal Clerks office at 747-1826.

How can I get a Sitka Police Department shoulder patch?

SPD sells our shoulder patch for $8 including tax. We do not currently trade patches. For more information about the patch's symbols or if you are inquiring from out of town, please click here.

Where can I pay for a ticket/citation?

Parking ticket payments are accepted at the Utility Counter of City Hall or the Police Department. Traffic Citation payments can be made at the Utility Counter of City Hall or the Police Department if your court date has not yet taken place. If you chose to appear in court and received a judgment on your citation, you must pay the fine at the office of Sitka Trial Courts. (City Hall can take credit card payments but the Police Department cannot.) Call 907-747-3245 with any questions.

How do I appeal a parking ticket?

To appeal a parking ticket contact the Police Department to receive a request for administrative appeal form or find the form under the forms link on this page.

Unless an appeal is filed or the civil fine is paid within thirty (30) days of the notice of the violation an additional fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) will be imposed. 

Failure to timely and properly file an appeal or pay the civil fine will be deemed an admission of the violation, will waive all rights to appeal or contest the notice of violation or civil fine, will cause the civil fine and late payment fee to become immediately due and payable, and will subject the person to additional collection costs if the civil fine and fee.

I think my vehicle was impounded. What do I do?

If your vehicle has been impounded by the Sitka Police Department, contact Dispatch at 907-747-3245 between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday.  This is where you can get answers to your questions about vehicles that have been impounded. In order for a vehicle release, you must be the registered or legal owner of the vehicle. Your vehicle must be currently registered with the Alaska DMV and have current insurance. You must provide current photo ID. A vehicle release fee is required. This fee must be payed in the form of cash or check made payable to the City & Borough of Sitka.

I have personal property related to a case being held by SPD. How can I retrieve it?

Call 907-747-3245 and ask to speak with the Evidence Custodian. Be prepared to provide them with your name, the item description and the case number with which the property is associated. Items held from a case where a judgment was imposed are kept for a minimum of 45 days for misdemeanor cases and 60 days for felony cases, barring extenuating circumstances. To retrieve a firearm, you must be able to show proof of ownership, complete a firearms ammunition delivery form and satisfactorily complete a background check.

Is the Sitka Police Department hiring?

Current employment opportunities can be found here.