Animal Control

Sitka Animal Shelter Mission Statement

The mission of the Sitka Animal Shelter and Sitka Animal Control is to improve the quality of life within the City and Borough of Sitka by providing safety to the citizens and animals, preserving the health of the citizens and care of the animals.

The Sitka Animal Shelter provides a place of temporary care and safe shelter for the animals of Sitka where they are treated with dignity and compassion until they can be placed into loving homes. In addition, the Animal Shelter serves as an educational resource for the people of Sitka, teaching pet owners how to better care for their animals and encouraging all people to respect wildlife.

Sitka Animal Control is a division of the Sitka Police Department. Animal Control is responsible for upholding and enforcing regulations (ordinances) regarding the treatment and control of animals in the City and Borough of Sitka. Animal Control Ordinances serve three purposes: 1) protection of people, 2) protection of property, and 3) protection of animals.

Animal Control means not only protecting people from the nuisance of roaming, uncontrolled animals, but also protecting pets and wild animals in their habitats.