Volunteer Program

The mission of the Sitka Animal Shelter program is to help provide the best quality of care for the Shelter's animals. The volunteers provide a comprehensive and compassionate service to the animals of Sitka by providing temporary care and safe shelter while insuring the dignity and well being of all of the animals housed at the Shelter.

Any volunteer under 18 years of age is required to have a parent or guardian sign a waver to allow them to be at the shelter with or without the parent being present. Each volunteer is required to attend an orientation class presented by the shelter director. The shelter stresses: Responsibility and Dedication. There are written Standards of Conduct.

Kennel Assistant Caregiver:

Major Objective:
Provide caring and cleaning of the animals at the shelter. Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older, attend orientation and instruction class, and commit to volunteer for one or more years of service.

TLC (Tender Loving Car) Assistant Caregiver:

Major Objective:
To provide physical exercise and companionship for the animals being cared for at the shelter. Volunteers must be 8 years of age or older, attend orientation with a parent, and commit to volunteer for 6-months or longer.

Volunteer Caregiver Applications

Applications to volunteer at the Sitka Animal Shelter may be picked up at the Sitka Police Department. The completed applications can be left with a Dispatcher and the ACO will contact you with a time to attend an orientation class.

Call the Sitka Animal Shelter at 747-3567 to check on the status of your application.

Our volunteers are valued members in the animal care profession in the endeavor to provide love and dignity to Sitka's animals.