Adoption of Pets

Adoption Procedures

We don't sell pets - we adopt them into loving families! Adoptions arranged at the Sitka Animal Shelter are by appointment only.

We are dedicated to finding the best homes possible for our dogs and cats and other companion animals. The animals in our care often came to us because of neglect, abandonment or by owners that find they can no longer care for the animal for a number of reasons. But because they were lucky enough to find themselves at the Shelter, these animals have a second chance. They've already had a difficult start, so we owe it to them to screen their new families very carefully--and we take our screening process seriously. We want these animal's adoptive homes to be safe, loving , and permanent!

We go to great lengths to assure a good match between an animal and the new family environment. We want the animals and your families to be safe and happy. Our adoption policies reflect this commitment.

Our adoption screening process includes:

  • completing a thorough application
  • providing proof of address
  • written permission from landlords

Please be aware that we do not necessarily approve every adoption application we receive. If we believe for any reason that the animal is not a good match for an applicant, we reserve the right to not approve the adoption. Animal adoption visits are by appointment only. 

You May Be The Perfect Dog Owner

It takes a lot to be a good dog owner.

If you don't know how perfect a dog owner you are, read about some of the "perfect dog owner indicators" below, and judge for yourself!

You may be the perfect dog owner if you..

  • think chewing on books and furniture is a sign of intelligence
  • think 15 years of caring for a pet does not seem like a lifetime
  • don't mind sharing your house with someone who sheds, tracks dirt occasionally, and possibly drools
  • look forward to big wet kisses when you come home each day
  • don't mind sharing your house with someone who will never clean up after themselves
  • want to take care of someone every day
  • don't mind a playmate who likes to chase balls and drag off shoes
  • would like to spend your extra money on pet food, toys, veterinarian care, chew bones, and more chew bones
  • can't imagine leaving your devoted pet behind when you move
  • want to keep a noisy ID tag on your roommate so he can get back to you when he gets away from you
  • enjoy unconditional love and constant companionship, even if you just want some time alone

You May Be The Purrfect Cat Owner

Maybe its you!

Some may think a cat is independent and doesn't really need much care, that's just not true.

Here are some indications you may be the perfect cat owner, you decide.

You may be the perfect cat owner if you.

  • think scratching everything within reach is a sign of intelligence
  • look forward to having your ankles rubbed by an affectionate, hairy animal after each shower
  • don't mind sharing your house with someone who sheds, tracks kitty litter and throws up hairball's
  • don't mind a house mate who will randomly and regularly entertain you with outrageous and silly antics
  • look forward to having an opinionated and selfish roommate
  • want to take care of someone every day, and never get a thank-you
  • want your lap warmed whenever you sit down (at their whim, not yours)
  • would like to spend your extra money on pet food, toys, veterinary car, kitty litter, and more kitty litter
  • want to be welcomed with a soft purr of appreciation
  • cant imagine leaving your devoted pet behind when you move
  • want to keep your loving companion inside at all times, because they don't realize the dangers outside
  • enjoy unconditional love and constant companionship

Adopting an animal is a long-term commitment that should not be made hastily, so take your time in making the decision to adopt. Carefully consider the time, money, and energy it takes to care for a four-legged family member who won't understand if you're just not in the mood.

Consider adopting an older animal, instead of a puppy or kitten or caring for a pet with special needs or possibly taking two playmates together. We have dozens of great companion animals needing good homes. Some of the dogs have completed our shelter’s training program, making them even better pets. We want to insure the animal will fit in with your family setting, so often times animals are allowed to go home with prospective new family members for a "trial adoption" as long as it has been spayed or neutered first.


"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."