Support the Sitka Animal Shelter!

Where It All Began

The Sitka Animal Shelter exists today because of donations. In 1993, a small group of women called the Friends of the Sitka Animal Shelter began fund raising efforts for the construction of the Shelter. The Shelter's construction was completed in 1996 and half of the funds needed for the building were that of donations. Without each and every dollar given for the animals, this building would still be the dream of 7 or 8 women. 

Ongoing Efforts

While in the past, enough money was raised to construct the Sitka Animal Shelter there will always exist more needs. For example, there is always a need for monetary donations to be used for treatment of sick animals to make them adoptable, for benevolence, lifesaving efforts and the care of the animals at the shelter.

Memorials and tributes are often accomplished by donating to Animal Shelters. Donations show loving support for animals. Contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law and are always kept separate from the City's General Fund. If you are interested in supporting the Shelter financially, checks made out to the Sitka Animal Shelter can be sent to the following address:

Sitka Animal Shelter, 304 Lake Street, Suite 102, Sitka, AK. 99835

Other ways you can support the Shelter include volunteering your time or donating durable goods to be used at the shelter. The following items are always need and appreciated at the Shelter:

Bleach, laundry detergent, cat toys, chew bones, leashes, dog collars, Gentle leaders, Halti-leads, large bath towels, hand towels and anything you might think would make an animals stay more comfortable.

These items can be brought to the Sitka Animal Shelter and left by office door if no staff is available.

Thank you for your support.