Animal Control Staff


There are over 25 invaluable volunteers at the Sitka Animal Shelter. These volunteers contribute many hours to the shelter by cleaning kennels, walking the animals, and feeding and watering them. More information on becoming a volunteer can be found here.

While the Shelter is dependent on this group of caring and committed volunteers to sustain its operations, the City of Sitka does employ one person full time. Jim Rogers serves as the Animal Shelter Director as well as the Animal Control Officer (ACO) for the Sitka Police Department.

Jim Rogers

ACO Jim Rogers enforces all City and State animal control ordinances and statutes.  

Each year, many animals are impounded, of which half are subsequently adopted.  Although there are 50-75 animals euthanized annually, this number is decreasing with education on the benefits of spay/neuter. 

The ACO is active in the community, teaching preschool through elementary students how to be responsible pet owners, how to avoid dog bites and the importance of respecting all living things.