Boards & Commissions

Monthly Meeting Schedule for all Municipal Boards/Commissions/Committees The City and Borough of Sitka has various boards, commissions and committees comprised of volunteer citizens who are interested in helping to shape the future of Sitka. By participating on one of these advisory bodies, volunteers make an important contribution to the community. Their input and recommendations to the Assembly on programs and issues ensure a strong public voice. Volunteers are one of Sitka's most valuable assets.

Boards, Committees & Commissions

Animal Hearing Board

Will only meet when called to 1. hear appeals regarding the classification of dogs; 2. review proposed written administrative orders or ordinances; 3. make decisions on applications for reclassification of dogs. (SGC 8.04.083)

Building Appeals Board

Will only meet when called to hear appeals of decisions by the building official. (SGC 10.01.101)

Citizens' Taskforce on City Services, Revenues and Fees

Established on June 23, 2015 to 1. Recommend what core services CBS must maintain, 2. Determine what funding is required to maintain these core services including depreciation and capital improvements, 3. Recommend what revenue streams and fees are most equitable and sustainable in order to maintain these services into the future, and 4. Educate and engage citizens as to the financial challenges and seek their ideas for solutions.

Climate Action Task Force

Established by Resolution 2020-29A on November 10, 2020, The Climate Action Task Force is to be responsible for studying and making recommendations to the Sitka Assembly on ways to plan for and mitigate the impacts of climate change on the City and Borough of Sitka’s economy, infrastructure and future development, and methods the City and Borough of Sitka can employ to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Employment Relations Board

Established by Ordinance 05-30. (SGC 2.08.125)

Gary Paxton Industrial Park Board of Directors

Subject to state laws and municipal ordinances, generally exercise all powers necessary to the operation of all park facilities in the public interest and in a sound business manner. (SGC 2.38.020)

Health Needs and Human Services Commission

Annually identify goals developed through the collection and consolidation of vital and current information on human service trends as well as public input. (SGC 2.13)

Historic Preservation Commission

Prepare and maintain an inventory of buildings and sites of historical, cultural, architectural, geographical and archeological significance; develop a historic preservation plan; develop nominations to the National Register of Historic Places; and work toward the continuing education of citizens regarding historic preservation of the community's history. (SGC 2.58)

Investment Committee

Recommend updates to the investment policy; review current investments; recommend actions to be taken on investments that are downgraded or put on a negative credit watch; recommend appropriate benchmarks for portfolio performance. (SGC 2.62)

Library Commission

Have general supervision and care of the library and buildings and grounds; submit an annual budget; make rules and regulations for the library, all with approval of the assembly; recommend appointments to the administrator of library staff. (SGC 2.16)

Local Emergency Planning Committee

Established by state statute and local resolution to help communities be prepared for, mitigate, and respond to, disasters and emergencies by preparing an emergency plan; help involve citizens in the discussion about what an appropriate emergency response is, where public funds are spent, and how much of those funds should go to training and purchasing of response equipment.

Marijuana Advisory Committee

Established by the Assembly to study, and make recommendations for, policy and local regulation development pertaining to commercial cannabis legalization.

Parks and Recreation Committee

Promote interest in recreational resources; to investigate all recreational facilities, sites and programs to assure they are being utilized to the maximum extent; assist in locating facilities or space for recreational activities and for new parks; and to make recommendations on all parks and recreation considerations to come before the assembly. (SGC 2.56)

Planning Commission

Report and recommend to the assembly on proposals and other matters pertaining to planning and zoning; formulate planning proposals for submission to the assembly; promote public interest and understanding of the comprehensive plan; keep informed on all matters pertaining to planning and hold hearings concerning such matters whenever necessary. (SGC 2.18)

Police and Fire Commission

Advise the Assembly concerning police and fire department matters, make recommendations concerning public safety, and undertake such other duties as the Assembly may assign. (SGC 2.19)

Port and Harbors Commission

Assist in planning new harbors; evaluate needs for harbor services; examine and update harbor ordinances; review operations and budgets; recommend priorities and rates; prepare annual report to assembly on status of the harbor system. (SGC 13.02.030)

Tree and Landscape Committee

Make recommendations regarding needs to existing landscape areas; investigate sites for new trees and landscaping; plan, institute and maintain tree and landscape projects. (SGC 2.54)

Joining A Board Or Commission

In order to be considered for a board or commission appointment, an application and letter of interest must be completed and submitted to the City Clerk's Office. Applications are then submitted to the Assembly for their approval. If more than one application is received for a position, Assembly members will select one through a voting process. Applicants are always welcome to attend Assembly meetings and speak regarding their qualifications. New appointees will be notified of their selection through the Clerk's office and will be provided pertinent information relative to that specific board.

Current Openings as of November 22, 2021

  • Animal Hearing Board
  • Climate Action Task Force
  • Historic Preservation Commission
  • Investment Committee
  • Library Commission
  • Police and Fire Commission
  • Tree and Landscape Committee

For specific information please call the Deputy Municipal Clerk's Office at 747-1826. Interested persons must submit a letter of interest and a board application to the Municipal Clerk's Office.

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Useful Links and Resources for Board/Commission/Committee Members

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