EMS Division

The EMS Division handles the majority of the calls for service received by the Sitka Fire Department, approximately 1,000 a year. The EMS Division is headed up by an EMS Captain, which is a full time paid position. There are three Lieutenants and the rest of the division is filled with Emergency Medical Technicians.

Typically, the EMS Captain is a paramedic and an EMT instructor.  A Lieutenant is an experienced EMT III.  To be considered an ALS provider one must hold an EMT II or an
EMT III certificate.  A BLS provider is an EMT I.  Engineer’s range from an EMT I to an EMT III.  

The EMS Division trains twice a month, typically during the second and fourth Thursday of the month.  The EMS Division, in addition to the rest of the Sitka Fire Department operates from standing orders provided by a Medical Director.