Multipurpose Rooms


Sitka Public Library’s Multipurpose Room (MPR) was designed primarily as a space to accommodate the Library’s programs for the public. These programs include a wide range of public events and activities, from film screenings and lectures to author events, children’s story times, public meetings, and various other events and programs either sponsored by the Library or initiated by the public for cultural, educational, informational, recreational, or civic purposes.

Scheduling of Outside Events/Programs

All requests to hold events or programs in the MPR must be approved by the Library Director. Youth-related events must be approved by the Youth Librarian.

All events in the MPR must be held during the Library’s normal hours of operation, and must end no later than 30 minutes before the library closes, so that library staff have time to clean up and reset furniture and the room to its regular setup. Any deviation from this schedule must be approved by the Library Director. 

All events that take place in the MPR must be open to the general public. 

The Library’s MPR is NOT available for weddings, receptions, or other private parties or events.
Outside presenters and groups wishing to schedule an event in the MPR should contact the Library at least one month prior to the event, if possible.
Library programs take precedence over all other requests for use of the MPR. Events scheduled may be pre-empted by the Library Director for Library priority.

Use of A/V Equipment

Presenters and groups wishing to use the library’s A/V equipment for an event are responsible for operation of the equipment during the event, and should set up a time well in advance of the event to learn how to operate the equipment.

Event Publicity

Outside presenters and groups who schedule an event in the MPR are responsible for the publicity for their events/programs. This includes creation of any flyers, PSAs, community calendar listings, etc. Sitka Public Library will list all public events on the Events Calendar and, as a courtesy, may post flyers to help publicize the event on social media.

General Rules Which Apply to All Use of the MPR

All Library policies apply to use of the MPR.

Groups and/or individuals who reserve the MPR shall be responsible for any damage that may occur during their event and shall either pay for the damage or repair it to the satisfaction of the Library Director. To avoid any damage or defacement all users must check with Library staff prior to affixing anything to the walls, floor, furniture, windows, or ceiling.

No food or beverages may be served in the MPR without prior permission from the Library Director. Sitka Public Library is a non-smoking building. Smoking is not allowed within 50 feet of the Library’s doors or windows.

Sitka Public Library will not be responsible for any personal equipment being used or stored in the Library by any user.

Groups or individuals that organize an event in the MPR are expected to reorganize the room to the state in which it was found prior to the event and leave no mess or additional work for staff to restore the room.