Teen Lab

The Sitka Public Library Teen Lab is a social, creative, production, research and performance technology lab where teens ages 14-18 can explore their interests, become inventors, problem- solvers, makers, musicians, artists, while developing 21st century skills including innovation, collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving. The Teen Lab is free and open to teens ages 14-18 with a valid library card.

Music-making and recording, reading, drawing, crafting, film-making, or just hanging out – the SPL Teen Lab has something for everyone! We foster an atmosphere of collaboration and peer instruction. Teens are encouraged to share ideas, teach and learn from each other, and teach volunteers and library staff.

The Teen Lab is...

A teen-directed space that promotes creativity, peer instruction, and community building. It is important that our teen patrons take ownership of the space, feel safe and supported, and know that their opinions matter. Teen librarians, library staff, and volunteers collaborate with teens on nearly every aspect of the program

A safe place for after-school activities and access to creation technology that promotes science, technology, engineering, art, and math learning

A place for teens to meet library partners and find other opportunities in our community

A mini fablab/makerspace

7.3 Guidelines and Procedures for Using the Teen Lab

Always check in and sign up with the Circulation Desk before entering the Teen Lab.

Beverages in spill-proof containers are permitted; no food please.

Laptops and sound equipment may be used if sounds are not audible outside the room. Headphones are required during library open hours.

Please protect your personal belongings; the library is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

Teens are expected to respect the overall Library environment, and may not engage in activities that disrupt other Library users or staff. All other Library policies apply to the Teen Room. The library reserves the right to limit the use of the library by teens who, in the judgment of the library staff, are engaging in inappropriate behavior.

The Teen Lab should be used only for its intended purposes. No rough housing, no running, no hitting, no spitting, no inappropriate public displays of affection, and no swearing or abusive language will be permitted; no profanity will be allowed to be written on library chalkboards, whiteboards, displays, or anywhere on library property. Anyone using bad language (swearing) or writing profanity anywhere on library property will be asked to stop or leave the library.

All SPL policies apply to the Teen Lab.

Teen Lab users shall be responsible for rearranging and moving furniture for their use. The Teen Lab must be left clean, in good repair, and in the same condition as found. Failure to do so may result in a revocation of privileges. Any group/person that damages/soils library property will be liable for costs incurred for cleanup and/or repair. All materials in the Teen Lab must remain in the Teen Lab.

Each group is responsible for ensuring that the number of people in the Teen Lab does not exceed 7 persons -- the maximum occupancy for the Teen Lab as set by the Fire Marshall.

Staff are not able to instruct Teen Lab users in how to use equipment; users should either already know how to use the equipment or be able to teach him/herself.


The Teen Lab has two types of sessions:

* Workshops – Mentors lead project-based, providing software and equipment tutorials when necessary. Workshops are informal, fun, and drop-in friendly.

* Open Lab – Teens get a chance to try new things by working with software and equipment. Open Lab is your studio time.

Types of activities available:

  • AV Production - Record music, make videos, edit photos, and more
  • Arts and Crafts - Digital art, sewing, drawing, and more
  • Mini FabLab/Makerspace - Make stuff! We have circuit sets, animation tablets, green screen, photo equipment, sewing machines, electronics, and more
  • Games - Board games, Xbox