Sitka Animal Shelter

The Sitka Animal Shelter is located at 209 Jarvis Street, up the hill from the Post Office on Sawmill Creek Road. The Shelter can house 18 dogs, with four isolation kennels for sick or quarantined dogs. There is a community cattery room where 5-7 cats can be housed. The cattery room is furnished with cat trees, scratching posts and a cat condo. The cat kennel room can house 12 cats in separate kennels. There are four kennels in the isolation/euthanasia room..

The Sitka Animal Shelter depends solely on a volunteer staff, insuring the animals at the SAS are treated with dignity as they await relocation.

It's always fun to give tours of the Sitka Animal Shelter. On this day, a preschool class came to the shelter to see what goes on here.

If you have a group that would like to visit the shelter, just contact the Shelter Director to make arrangements.