Maintenance & Operations

Public Works Street Maintenance

Maintains 30 miles of paved and unpaved roads, plus Nelson Logging Road, Tongass Drive and Seward Avenue on Japonski Island. Does not maintain Halibut Point Road or Sawmill Creek Road.  These two are maintained by the State of Alaska, DOT.

  • Street Maintenance
    • Pavement Patching
    • Snow Removal and Ice Control
    • Street Sweeping
    • Painting of pavement markings
    • Danger trees and brushing
  • Drainage culverts and roadside ditching
  • Signage - repairs and replacement
  • Inter-department Services  (Solid Waste, Water and Wastewater).
  • Parking Lot Maintenance.
  • Supports other City departments and divisions.

Questions or concerns about any of the above, contact the Public Works Office Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at (907) 747-1804.

Central Garage

  • Repairs and Maintains all City owned equipment and vehicles
  • City Fleet Routine Maintenance of 65 light duty vehicles including 4 Senior Center vans, 41 heavy duty (fire trucks, ambulances, dump truck, loaders, graders) and 45 pieces of equipment (lawn and garden)
  • Routine Maintenance of over 75 gas powered hand tools (pumps, chainsaws) and 28 heavy duty attachments for brush cutting, mechanical brooms and snow and ice control
  • Assist other departments with problem solving, diagnostic trouble shooting and repairs of specialty tools and equipment (lift pump generators, fabrication of gates and tools)
  • Full service shop with 100% diagnostic, maintenance and repair
  • Manage fleet replacement with tracking and observing the conditions, age, function, useful life and efficiency of vehicles and equipment
  • Budget, research product specification and purchase new assets
  • Assist other divisions with flagging, operating, snow and ice control
  • Heavy Equipment Specialty services
  • Support other City departments and divisions

Building Maintenance

  • Maintains and provide support to more than 20 city buildings plus 100 other various facilities and structures.
  • Completes capital projects related to building maintenance.
  • Assist with leases for buildings, grounds, and parks.
  • Projects - design and construction contracts for special projects related to public buildings.
  • Manage service contracts:
    • Custodial
    • Elevator
    • DDC Controls
  • Mechanical Services
  • Support other City departments and divisions.

 Grounds Maintenance                                                 

Enhances the quality of life and promote economic vitality in Sitka by maintaining and expanding recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. The employees work together to manage, operate, administer and maintain the City’s grounds, park and recreation infrastructure and facilities.  Four to five temporary grounds assistants are hired during the summer season. 

Infrastructure includes:

  • over 8 miles of trails
  • 7 parks
  • 3 playgrounds
  • 2 recreation sites
  • 9 athletic fields
  • 26 landscape areas and grounds (flower beds, shrubs, over 800 ornamental trees around Sitka’s public buildings and other public areas)
  • Kaisei-Maru Interpretive Memorial Site
  • Tom Young Memorial Cabin
  • Tony Hrebar Memorial Shooting Range
  • City Cemetery
  • Park lands include a total of 109 acres with 27.2 acres (1,186,661 sq. ft.) of turf

Responsibilities includes: 

  • Operate athletic fields – maintenance of grounds and facilities; field scheduling and field use for 16 different sports and recreation user groups.
  • Maintain landscape beds and trees –  manage over 800 park/urban trees, maintain landscape and flower beds at 21 public buildings and harbors.
  • Manage playgrounds/play courts –3 city playground’s equipment maintenance.
  • Planning and administration for fee programs and Commercial Operator permits
  • Support public input and process via 4 boards and committees.
  • Park and Recreation facility development – planning, inspection & operation.
  • Turf Management – turf is found throughout parks, athletic fields, school grounds, harbors and the City’s open spaces.
  • Parks and Miscellaneous site management – infrastructure maintained at seven parks include, picnic shelters, gazebos, bathhouses, picnic tables, benches, restrooms, parking lots, etc.
  • Trails Program – 8.1 miles of city trails and nine trailheads including 6 urban and 3 remote trails.
  • Support other City departments and divisions.