Public Works Contacts
Armer, Chuck - Apprentice WW Facilities Mechanic
Bernhardt, Roberta - Asst Contract Coordinator/Office Manager
Callahan, Michael - Building/Grounds Maintenance Specialist
Chevalier, Kelly - WW Facilities Lab Regulatory Specialist
Colliver, Michael - Building/Grounds/Parks Supervisor
Dahlquist, Rob - WW Facilities Electrician
Daniels, Joseph - Landfill/Scrapyard Equipment Operator
Doyle, Brian - Chief Wastewater Operator
Dumag, Edwin - Streets Maintenance
Dunlap, Connor - Building, Grounds and Parks Supervisor
Greene, Harold - Street Supervisor
Hammons, Ken - Project Manager
Hardison, George - Streets Maintenance
Harmon, Michael - PW Director
Houston, Joshua - Engineering CAD Technician
Kirkness, Jud - Water Operator I
Lihou, Rob - Sr. Water Facilities Operator
Martello, Mike - Building Maintenance Specialist
Rennie, Derik - WW Facilities Operator/Maintenance
Schmetzer, Mike - Project & Regulatory Engineer
Swain, Joe - Chief Water Facilities Operator
Swedeen, Pat - Building Official
Todd, Eric - Senior Operator
Vinson, Ron - Asset Manager
Welty, Dale - Building Inspector
Williams, Shilo - Environmental Superintendant
Winger, Kenny - Building Maintenance Specialist
Stenberg, Michael - M&O Superintendent

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